Refresh Button


Refresh: Bring List to Current State


What does REFRESH do?

Pressing REFRESH will bring the list up to its current state, without losing track of where you left off. People who’ve been called will not re-appear. People who’ve been cancelled on will remain under the “Cancelled Calls” section.

Another way to explain this is the REFRESH button updates the Orum dialing list with net new information that has been newly input into the user's CRM (i.e. Outreach, Salesloft, Salesforce) since dialing has started.


When do you use REFRESH?


If you’ve made changes to the report like adding/removing filters, adding/removing fields, etc - hitting refresh will update it.

For example, maybe you notice halfway down a list that certain prospects are existing customers, so you apply a new filter on the report (done in Salesforce) to remedy. From here you would hit refresh and these prospect would be removed, without losing track of where you are on the list.

Salesloft & Outreach 

If you are working a list and have added new calls tasks. If you’d like to bring in those tasks, you would hit refresh.

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