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How do I remove from a list?

To remove someone from the list during a call session, you may click the boxes to the left of the prospect record and click “Cancel”. Keep in mind that this will only remove them for that session. If you were to RESET the list, it would show up again.

To permanently remove someone from a list, you would need to edit the report in SFDC. Users often have filters applied to their lists based on lead fields like Lead Status, so best practices is to have a process where users you’ve spoken too already are removed from a list or marked in some way.

On the List View - You can Edit the List Before Dialing


How do I know who’s being dialed?

Orum will highlight prospects in blue when they are being dialed. You will also see the “call status” as “Dialing” indicate we are calling them.

What does the connect icon mean?

The blue connect icon means we’ve connected, but we are still trying to figure out if it’s a person or system. You may press this button if you want to be connected before the AI either ends the call or connects for you.

What does ended mean?

Orum has ended the call and dispositioned it

What is real time text transcription?

Once connected to a system, Orum will show you what is being said in real-time before you’re being connected. This will give you insights into if a call is going to a voicemail, dial-tree, or if a person has said hello/their name.

Real Time Text Transcription in Action

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