Snooze Button


What is Snooze?

Orum will not call a prospect until the specified date you’ve selected

Choose a Date From the Calendar Dropdown


Best practices for Snooze?

Snooze is primarily used in SFDC, since it is not task based. Use Snooze whenever you want to ensure that Orum will not call the prospect until a certain date. Usually when a prospect asks to be followed up after X time. Users might snooze other contacts in the same account if they are currently speaking with a target and want to hold off until they convert.

Can I un snooze?

Yes. Orum will grey out contacts on your list as “Snoozed”, you will be able to click “unsnooze"

Snoozed Prospects Will be at the Bottom of the List


How does this impact my CRM?

Snoozing is unique to Orum and will not affect the CRM system it’s connected to.

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