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Automated Voicemail Drop


What is the Voicemail feature?

Orum supports the ability to drop pre-recorded voicemails automatically while power or parallel dialing.  A rep can record voicemail from right within Orum!


How does Voicemail work?

Orum’s voicemail drop does not require manual intervention.

For example, if a rep is parallel dialing and Orum encounters a voicemail system, it will automatically drop the rep's pre-recorded voicemail, while simultaneously dialing more prospects. In power dialing, Orum’s A.I. can automatically drop voicemails as well.

In Power Dialing mode - Reps can also "click to drop", without waiting for the beep if the auto-skip function turned off. If turned on, Orum will automatically drop for you.


How many can I record? How long can they be?

- There is not a limit to how many voicemails can be recorded and saved in Orum.

- It is a best practice to keep your recordings less than a minute.  This is due to individual carrier restrictions. When you call prospects, each of their carriers can define limitations for how long they will allow voicemails to be.


How do I record a Voicemail?

***You must select a specific call list to dial to be able to see the (+) button for adding a voicemail. This will not appear under an "all sequence/cadence due" list.***


To record, click the “+” sign in the "VOICEMAIL" section of the dialer page.

Click + to add Voicemail


Orum will then display a pop up (seen below) that will allow the rep to name the voicemail and record.  The hyperlink "Record with your phone" will allow users to record voicemails as well through a call to the number they specify.



Once a rep has finished recording, simply click save and the pre-recorded voicemail will appear in the "VOICEMAIL" section of the dialer page:



The short video below demonstrates how easy the feature is to use from start to finish:



Best practices for Voicemail?

Outreach - Strategic Voicemail Drop Article:



What if I can't record a new voicemail?  The pop ups aren't coming up.

Most of the time a simple reset of Orum will take care of this.  It is best to log out of Orum, close all browser tabs and restart your computer.  If this does not work, please reach out to support for further assistance!

Additionally, if the plus (+) sign is not available, the rep will need to select a list that includes a sequence/cadence step to leave a voicemail.  This can be viewed and updated in the rep's CRM.

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