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Search Lists: How to Bring in Your Prospects


How do I get my prospects into Orum?


By creating reports in Salesforce.

Outreach & Salesloft

Orum will bring in Sequences and Cadences

What Salesforce reports does Orum support?

Please see: Support Salesforce Reports

What are the Salesforce report best practices?

Reports in SFDC should include all the fields the reps needs for context when they are connected. This should also include all fields that they need to edit. To prevent worflow issues like calling someone you’ve previously connected with, you will want to apply filters. For example, when you connect with a prospect reps change the lead status from “new” to “two way contact”. The report only filters for the “new” status, so this lead will now drop off this list and not reappear.

Do I need to include the number in the report?


How do I customize the fields in the lists?

This is done by going into SFDC and adding/removing fields from the report. How you order the report and what fields you select will determine what shows up in Orum.

Why aren’t my prospects showing up? / Why aren’t all my call tasks showing up?

There are a few reasons.

You first want to check to see if you have any Orum filters applied and remove those. You will also want to hit “refresh” if you are in the middle of a list.

When you begin dialing, Orum will automatically grey out all prospects that don’t have a valid US or Canadian phone number in the phone field you’ve selected. It will also grey out any prospects where there was no number or we previously called and encountered a dial-tree or the # failed 3 times. Please check that you’ve selected the correct phone field and that it contains valid numbers. These prospects will show up at the bottom of your list.


For reports ensure that “show details” is selected. If you hide details, we’re unable to import a report. If you’ve made any changes to the report, ensure that you’ve hit “refresh”.

Outreach / Salesloft

You will want to make sure that the call tasks are due today, you do not have any filters applied, and you’ve hit REFRESH to bring the list to the most current state. Keep in mind we only show call tasks associated with you.

How do I load a sequence in my list?

Navigate to the search lists bar.

Outreach Integration - How do I customize the fields in the lists?

Go to the settings tab

Settings Tab: Customize What Fields Appear When Dialing & Connecting


20220101A_Partner_Program_Badges_Select.pngSalesloft Integration - How do I customize the fields in the lists?

Go to settings tab

Settings Tab: Customize What Fields Appear When Dialing & Connecting

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