Rep Performance Dashboard

Access the Rep Performance dashboard to see a summary that provides a birds-eye view of how your reps are performing against key metrics.

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See how your reps are performing relative to each other. View totals and rates of the reps’ performance. Color coding makes it easy to see which reps are performing above industry benchmarks (in green) and those that are below (in red).

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You can also view trends of how your team is performing over time. Use the dropdowns to choose which metric you would like to see trends for:

  • Dials
  • Dial to connect
  • Bridged to connect
  • Connects
  • Connect to conversation
  • Conversations
  • Conversations to meetings
  • Meetings
  • Callbacks
  • Callback to connect
  • Dial time
  • Talk time
  • Session time

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image (9).png

Additionally, you can choose what time period you would like to see trends over.

Finally, dig into disposition reporting to gather insights into call outcomes by team members.

image (10).png

Filter down the results for this graph by segmenting the y-axis by disposition or rep, and filter which dispositions you would like to include in the graph. Additionally, you can overlay the graph with an outcome filter to show the breakdown of calls resulted in “unanswered”, “connect”, or “meeting”.

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