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In order to help users feel more prepared for their calls, we're embedding the prospects LinkedIn profile in the connect screen. To enable this feature, users should make sure they are logged into LinkedIn, and download the Chrome extension via personal settings.

From their personal settings window, users can click System, and then "Add Chrome Extension". As long as the prospects LinkedIn URL is populated, the profile will automatically show on the connect screen.

Screenshot 2024-03-14 at 1.55.34 PM.png

When properly enabled, you will see the prospects LinkedIn profile next to the call notes in the connect screen. 

Screenshot 2024-03-13 at 12.12.00 PM.png


What browsers will this work in? 

The extension will work for Chrome and Microsoft Edge browsers. 



If the feature isn’t working for any reason, you will see an alert and steps to rectify if we know the cause. This covers scenarios such as: user isn’t logged into LinkedIn, the LinkedIn profile is private or the URL is incorrect, or if we’re encountering any errors displaying the profile.

Reminder that users can turn this feature off if there are any problems by removing the chrome extension.


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