Boost Connect

In addition to being able to manually select call from numbers, users can toggle on Boost Connect, which enables Orum to automatically select the best call from number with the highest potential to lead to a connect. This is based on a proprietary algorithm that uses a variety of intelligence signals, such as historical data and prospect information, in order to select the call from number.

With Boost Connect enabled, if Orum is unable to determine a better alternative call from number, we will revert to the fallback number selected by the user from their dropdown of call from numbers.


Boost Connect can be enabled or disabled by the account admin by going to Settings > System > Boost Connect. When disabled at the account level, individual users will not see the Boost Connect toggle on the left side panel in the Dialer page.

How will callbacks work when Boost Connect is enabled?

Due to our custom telephony system, callbacks from a prospect that occur within a few days of the original call will be forwarded to the user who called the prospect with that associated number. Keep in mind, our data shows that 52.18% of callbacks happen within 15 minutes of making the dial, 77.88% within 2hrs, 91.96% within 24hrs!

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