Marking Number Status

This is an expansion of the previous “Outreach Prospects’s Number Status” feature.

Users will now be able to mark a contact’s number status in Orum without going into their CRM.

Assigning a Status

SDRs may assign a status of “Valid”, “Questionable”, or “Invalid” to numbers in Orum. Once a status is assigned to a number a colored dot will appear next to the number. If no status has been assigned then there will be an empty dot next to the number.



More efficient dialing

Once a number has been marked as “Invalid” it will automatically be skipped in dialing lists. 




  • If I mark a number with a status, does that status automatically apply to any other contacts that number may be associated with?
    • No, statuses are unique to contact and number combinations - so if a number is marked with a status, that same number will not be marked on any other contacts it is associated with.
    • In the case of CSV integrations contacts are defined as unique on the basis of the name and sales rep who uploaded the CSV.

  • Will the number statuses flow back into my CRM?
    • No, number statuses will remain in Orum, with the exception of number status changes made to Outreach-based prospects. For Outreach integrations the status will flow back to the phone number associated with the dial.

  • What integrations is this feature available with?
    • This feature works for all numbers in Orum, regardless of what integration they come in through
    • If a prospect phone number has a status assigned from Outreach, Orum will respect that number status.
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