AI Call Summary

Orum's AI automatically generates a call summary after each connected call. After that you can:

  • Review the generated call summary
  • Easily copy the summary to the call notes field where you can edit, or add additional notes based on the conversation

Overview of AI Call Summary

Once a conversation with a prospect is complete, Orum’s AI automatically creates a summary of important call details, including action items, important information about the prospect and/or account, as well as the next steps.

This call summary is automatically populated in a new field for you to review and copy to your call notes if you choose to.



Copy to call notes

If you would like to use the suggested summary Orum generates, simply click the “Copy to Note” button.

If the “Copy to Note” button is used
The call summary is appended to the notes field, giving you the ability to edit or add additional notes based on the conversation. The AI notes button and field then disappear.

If the “Copy to Note” button is not used
You can still populate the call notes as you would have done previously.

🔥Orum Hot-tip
Don’t stress about taking detailed notes while you’re on the call. Focus on the prospect and the conversation at hand, and then use Orum’s generated notes as a starting point for your call notes once the call is finished.



Product Support Notes/FAQs

Are there settings that need to be enabled in order for AI call summaries to populate?
Yes, call audio recording settings need to be activated for BOTH parties in order for an AI call summary to generate.

Are there times when I might expect AI call summaries to not populate for some reason?
Possibly. Even with less-than-perfect audio connections to prospects, AI call summaries have been seen to work really well! With this said, slow network speeds, audio drops, crackling, skipping sound, or other related in-call experiences could affect AI call summary note generation.

Are there call timings/duration that affects AI call summaries?
Yes, calls must be between 30 seconds and 10 minutes.


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