Configure Orum Settings for Hubspot

Here is a short guide on how to configure your account and personal settings to get the most out of Orum. 

🚨 Please ensure that you have already connected HubSpot to Orum correctly using our recommended permissions sets.

This guide will go over:

  • Settings (for Admins)
    • Integration
    • System
    • People
    • Teams
  • Personal Settings (for Reps)
    • Integrations
    • System

Configure settings (for admins)

If you are an Admin in your account, you will have access to configure your account settings by clicking on the ‘gearwheel’ icon in the top nav.

From here, we will be taken directly to the settings for ‘Integrations’

Below we capture the important sections within Orum's Settings that you will need to customize as an Admin. 

Integration settings

From the Integrations tab in your organization’s settings, you will be able to customize and edit your call dispositions, display fields, and more.

Use the left-side menu to navigate to the following sections.


Ensure that HubSpot is the selected integration if you are a plan in Orum that utilizes multiple integrations.

Learn more about multi-integration.


Call dispositions are synonymous with Hubspot’s call outcomes and depending on your HubSpot plan, you will be able to add additional call outcomes that can be mapped back to Orum.

By default, HubSpot comes with the following call outcomes:

  • Busy
  • Left voicemail
  • No answer
  • Call back later

While this may be what’s only available in HubSpot, we recommend adding our best practice dispositions to your Orum account and either creating the same custom call outcomes in HubSpot or mapping them back to the few preset HubSpot outcomes.

To add our best practice dispositions to your account, go to Settings> Integrations > Dispositions.

From here, Admins will be able to add or remove dispositions. For HubSpot, we recommend the following:

  1. To get the most success from your analytics, reference our Best Practice Dispositions to find out what we recommend for beginner and even experienced calling cultures
  2. *IMPORTANT Depending on your HubSpot plan, you can add new call outcomes such as ‘Meeting Booked’ and ‘Gatekeeper’ but we recommend always adding this inside of your Orum account
  3. To further automate when prospects are removed based on call dispositions or outcomes, please reference this guide

We recommend if doing any of the above steps always refresh your Orum instance before moving on to the next step (Cause Disposition Mapping).


Configure personal settings (for reps)

If you are a sales rep and actively making dials, you’ll want to ensure your personal settings are configured to your organization’s HubSpot instance correctly.

Navigate to ‘Personal Settings’ by clicking on your avatar photo in the top right of the screen and selecting ‘Personal Settings’ from the drop-down.


Default call disposition

This should be already set by your account Admin to the organization default.

If no ‘Org Default’ is shown, we recommend adding the default disposition to ‘No Answer’.

As you call down your lists, this will save you precious time so you can focus on changing the call dispositions when you are actually connected to a prospect.

Learn more about call disposition best practices


Open links automatically

We recommend turning the options for CRM and Linkedin on by check-marking the field.

This will ensure that once you are connected with a prospect you can access more information in your CRM and their Linkedin profile without any extra clicks

🚨The LinkedIn option will automatically open only if the LinkedIn URL is within the prospect’s profile on HubSpot in a field. If you find it still is not opening, it could be due to a popup blocker on your web browser. You will need to deactivate the blocker to fix it. 

Display Fields

Customizing your display fields will allow you to add information about prospects from your HubSpot Sales Hub and display that information in Orum’s prospect details and list view.

Here is our recommendation for what display fields to bring in:

Typical Displayed HubSpot Fields:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Job Title
  • Company Name
  • Call History
  • Any areas they may store personal notes/general notes
  • Last Sequence Enrolled
  • Currently in Sequence
  • Last Activity Date
  • Events Notes
  • HubSpot Call History
  • Lead Status
  • Last Sequence Ended Date
  • Latest Meeting Activity

Other Fields:

  • Account Website/Website URL
  • Industry
  • Lifecycle
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