Salesforce report not loading

Subject: This article serves to help users troubleshoot Salesforce reports not loading properly into Orum. 

Things to check:
- Do you have access to the report?
- When was the report created?
- How are you searching for the report (part of the title, beginning of title, end, etc)
- Does the Org have LOTS of SFDC reports out there for call lists?

Successful troubleshooting tactic:
If you have access to the report:

- Click Edit and create a copy of the report in Salesforce
- Save it into an SFDC folder you know other reports pull into Orum from
- Once the new report loads in SFDC- be sure to RUN the report
- Log out of Orum, close the browser tab, and log back in

You should see the new report there, but you may have to use the RESET button to get the updated report to fully load. For more information on where to find the red RESET button Please see this article.

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