Spotlighting allows you to listen in to a sales call when a rep has connected with a prospect.

🚨Your account admin will need to have turned on Call Monitoring for your organization to enable spotlighting.


By spotlighting a rep:

  • You will be taken to a separate focus mode to listen to the live call
  • If there are others on your team that have also spotlighted the same rep, you will be able to chat with each other
  • The connected rep will not be able to hear you! Only team members who are spotlighting the same rep will be able to hear each other.

You will also be able to access the ‘Call Details’ to see more information on the prospect.

How to stop spotlighting

You can stop spotlighting using two methods:

  1. From the room interface, simply hover over the spotlighted rep and select ‘Stop Spotlighting’
  2. If you are elsewhere in the platform, go to the bottom toolbar to go back to the room or call details, hover over the specific rep, and select ‘Stop Spotlighting


If I’m on a connected call, can I see who is spotlighting me?

Yes, the avatars of other reps who have spotlighted you will appear in the grey box near your name in the room. 


Why does it say spotlighting is not available?

Your admin may have set call monitoring restrictions in your organization’s account. We recommend reaching out to your admin for more details.

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