Navigating the Salesfloor

Orum’s Salesfloor allows you and your sales team to stay connected, no matter where you may be working from. From here, you can: 

  • Use Live Listen in an audio-only space to listen to live sales calls
  • Join or create video rooms to host call blitzes or power hours and dial with your team 


How to listen to live calls

Orum’s Salesfloor comes with a dedicated area to listen to live sales calls in an audio-only interface.

You can navigate to ‘Live Listen’ using the left-side menu to do this.

Learn more about how Live Listen works. 

🔥Orum Hot-tip

You can also live listen using the 'spotlight' feature in rooms. However, you will not be able to be in the Live Listen audio-only space and a room at the same time.

How to video conference with your team

We’ve built our Salesfloor to be familiar with your favorite video conferencing apps. By default, your team will have a ‘welcome room’

🔥Orum Hot-tip

Admins will be able to create a custom label for their organizations’ welcome room

To video conference with your team navigate to the left-side menu and simply ‘create new room’ or join an existing room and hop in.

Make sure to follow the prompts to allow access to your mic and video.

🚨 Rooms are temporary and will disappear after all users have left. The initial welcome room is permanent.

How to see who is online, their status, and more

The last component of the left-side menu is a list of all active reps within Orum and their statuses regardless if they are currently in a room or not.

From here, you’ll be able to see:

  • Name
  • Status (connected, dialing, etc)
  • Room (if they are currently in one)

This is a basic overview of the Salesfloor but make sure to read other knowledge articles to get the most out of this space.


Having trouble?

The Orum SalesFloor relies on appropriate audio, mic, and camera permissions. In some cases, these system resources can be tied up, so the test below helps determine what adjustments may be necessary.

Users can also check out this basic information page for additional troubleshooting tips

If you are still having challenges, the Orum support team will be happy to assist! Please contact the team using the in-application "Support" chat web widget or create a ticket here. Thanks!



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