Call Library Overview

With our Call Library, Admins and Managers can easily tag and save sales calls for their team to listen to and learn from.

How to find Call Library

Simply navigate to the top-bar navigation in Orum and find the new space ‘Call Library’.

Don’t see any sales calls yet? Admins and Managers make sure to add calls by following the next step.


How to add calls to Call Library

🚨 This step is specifically for admins and managers


  1. Navigate to ‘Call History’
  2. From here, you’ll be able to pull up all your sales team’s call recordings and details
  3. Once you’ve identified a call you’d like to save, you can use the ‘book’ icon in the top-right of the Call Details sidebar menu to quickly add it to Call Library
  4. A new popup will appear asking you to:
    1. Add a tag: You can use our default tags or a custom tag
    2. Add a description: This will allow others to understand the learning from this call at a glance
  5. Then, you can select ‘Add to Library’

And now you’ve started to curate your sales calls and create a powerful call library for your reps to learn from.

Default Call Library Tags

Here is a full list of all the default tags Orum will automatically allow you to tag calls with. To add a custom tag simply type in a new tag name in dialog box once you add a call to Call Library or the Call Tag Manager.

  • Opening
  • Pitch
  • Closing
  • Qualification
  • Referral
  • Personalization/rapport building
  • Objection: Already have solution
  • Objection: Not a priority
  • Objection: Budget/Pricing
  • Objection: Asked to send info
  • Objection: Other

How to navigate around Call Library

In Call Library, we’ve made it easy for you to stay organized, filter, and search in a familiar card layout.


From each card, you will be able to quickly see the tags and description as well as other details like.

  • Prospect Name & Account/Company
  • Call timestamp
  • Dialer type: either power or parallel
  • Rep name
  • Prospect title
  • Account name
  • Admin or Manager who added to Call Library
  • Description

🚨 These additional fields cannot be customized

In the top-right of each card, you’ll also be able to access further actions such as:

  • Edit call tags or descriptions
  • Navigate to your sales tool integration (ex. Outreach) to access there
  • Copy a direct link
  • Download the .wav file
  • Open in a new tab
  • Remove from Call Library

Searching and filtering

From the left side-bar, you’ll be able to use search to search by:

  • Tag
  • Description
  • Prospect title
  • Account name
  • and more

You can also use filters to filter by:

  • Teams
  • Reps
  • Tags (default and custom)
  • Dispositions

Editing call tags or descriptions

🚨 This step is specifically for Admins and Managers

Using the further actions in the top-right of each card, you’ll be able to select the ‘edit’ icon (paper and pencil).

From here, you can add or remove tags and edit the initial call description.


Removing a call from Call Library

To remove a call from Call Library, in the same further action area you can click on the ‘book’ icon to remove from the Call Library.

Managing call tags

🚨 This step is specifically for admins and managers

We’ve also introduced a new Call Tag Manager to be able to more easily add, remove, or edit your Call Library call tags.

To access the Call Tag Manager, you can:

  1. Click on the gearwheel icon for ‘Settings’ in the top-right of Orum.
  2. From you can go to ‘System’ and select ‘Call Tag Manager’ in the left-side menu


The Call Tag Manager will automatically list your call tags in alphabetical order. From here, admins or managers can:

  • Search for specific tags
  • Add or remove tags

And with that, you are ready to start curating the ultimate call library for your sales team to learn from.

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