Hubspot Permission Sets for Orum

This is also covered in our Getting Started with Hubspot guide. But we've pulled out the salient information for you to start dialing. 

🚨 This step is specifically for Hubspot Admin users

To start dialing, you will need to give specific permissions to users within your HubSpot account. We recommend creating a custom permission set in HubSpot so you can easily assign in bulk instead of configuring user-by-user.

You can also reference Hubspot's official User Permissions Guide for any extra questions.

As a Super Admin, you will need to:

  1. Add a custom permission set with the Orum permissions (captured below). Use an easily recognizable name like 'Orum User'
  2. Assign this new permission set to the users or teams in your HubSpot account that will be using Orum


Beyond the default user permissions, you will want to ensure the following permissions are set for specific categories primarily for the CRM, Marketing, and Sales hubs.

Other categories like Service and Reports will not need to go beyond the default permissions.

CRM permissions

  • Contacts: View 'Everything' and Edit 'Owned only'
  • Companies: View 'Everything' and Edit 'Owned only'
  • Deals: View 'Owned only'
  • Tickets: View 'Owned only'
  • Tasks: View 'Everything' and Edit 'Owned only'
  • Notes: View 'Owned only'
  • Custom objects: view 'Everything', edit 'None', Delete 'None'
  • Tools can be set to your own specific needs

Marketing permissions

  • List: View should be check-marked to be 'on'

Sales permissions

  • Sales Access: Should be toggled to be 'on'.
  • Depending on your HubSpot plan, your team can utilize more features like sequences and custom call outcomes (more on that later)
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