Create a HubSpot List for Orum

We’ve created an easy-to-follow guide to create your first list to load into Orum and start dialing.

🚨 Please be aware HubSpot does not support API connections to sequences. So creating a list based on your sequences is not recommended, however, we do have a workaround guide if you reach out to your CSM

Choose the type of HubSpot List

HubSpot supports creating two types of lists, Static and Active.

  • Static list: Does not update as new records (contacts) meet or existing records no longer meet the criteria
  • Active list: Automatically updates records (contacts) so new records will join the list whenever they meet the set criteria and leave the list when they no longer meet the criteria

We recommend that you and your team use Active lists but make sure to choose a list type that fits your workflow.

Create a list in HubSpot

After you know what type of list you want to create, we can get started.

🔥 Orum Tip
Depending on your organization's roles and permissions:

  • Sales reps can generate their own individual lists or
  • Managers will need to create unique lists for them using ‘Contact owner’

In HubSpot, you'll need to 

  1. Navigate to ‘Contacts’, and under the dropdown select ‘Lists’
  2. In the top-right, select ‘Create List’
  3. Select ‘Contact-based’
  4. Give the list a unique name and select what type of list you’d like to create (Static or Active)

Now that you’ve created your list, we will need to add filters.

Customize and add filters to the list

HubSpot lists come with a wide range of filters, here are the main filters we recommend to start dialing.

  • Contact owner: This will ensure that the list of leads will have been assigned to you or the specific sales rep
  • Phone number or mobile number is known: Depending on your data,
  • Last activity date:
  • Lead status is ‘In Progress’ or ‘New’

If you are a manager, you may also want to try filtering by call outcome or activity outcome. This will help ensure sales reps won’t reach out to any prospects who have been already been contacted.

Max contacts for lists

🚨 If you are planning to generate massive lists to call from, please note that we only recommend pulling a maximum of 1,000 contacts.

You are able to still dial down lists with greater than 1,000 contacts but do we not recommend this method since you will need to refresh your list after the thousandth contact and if you select ‘reset’ it will take you back to the beginning of the list.

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