Call Dispositions

Ever wonder how to get the most from your analytics and call dispositions? Here is a list of best practice dispositions that we recommend and use!

  • No Answer
    • Standard No Answer
  • Went to Voicemail
    • Went to a VM
  • Busy Signal
    • Busy Signal
  • Bad Number
    • Connected with somebody who is not associated with the company or target prospect whatsoever
  • Busy: Call Later
    • Prospect is busy and asked for you to call at another time
  • Elevator Pitch Rejected
    • Prospect declines to talk further after you give your pitch
  • False Positive
    • Orum falsely detected a human being and connected you with a machine. This does not happen often but may happen from time to time which is why the disposition is included
  • Follow-Up Required
    • Had a good conversation, but requires more follow-up before handing off
  • Gatekeeper: Did not Transfer
    • Connected to a gatekeeper, but they were not able to transfer you to desired prospect.
  • Gatekeeper transferred: Did not leave VM
    • Connected with Gatekeeper and they were able to transfer you. Upon transferring, the call went to VM but you did not leave one.
  • Gatekeeper transferred: Left VM
    • Connected with Gatekeeper and they were able to transfer you. Upon transferring you left a VM
  • Hook Rejected
    • Prospect declines to take your call after you introduce yourself and reason for calling.
  • Hang Up
    • 5-10 seconds, they hang up before the intro - during 1st part of hook. Should be very rare, under 5% of all connects.
  • Left Voicemail
  • Meeting Scheduled
    • You booked a meeting!
  • Objection: Already Have a Solution
    • The prospect already has a solution for your services
  • Objection: Asked to Send Info
    • Prospect asked you to send information
  • Objection: Not a Priority
    • Your solution is not a priority for them
  • Objection: Other
    • Used for when an objection is given, but there is not an appropriate disposition available. In this case please use the comment section to leave specifics
  • Person Left Company
    • Prospect is no longer at the company, rep should be updating the contact and creating a new one
  • Reach back out in X time
    • Prospect asked you to reach back out later in the year when they might be evaluating solutions like yours
  • Wrong Person: Gave Referral
    • This person has no power, as far as selecting tools to use. However, the person told you who you should reach out to
  • Wrong Person: No referral
    • This person has no power, as far as selecting tools to use and did not tell you who the right person to reach out to is
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