Create a Salesforce Report for Orum

Building a Salesforce Report isn’t always intuitive. Follow this short guide to understand how to bring in the columns and fields you need to be successful on your calls.

🚨Please be mindful of the following:

  • Due to restrictions within the Salesforce API and data limitations, there are a limited amount of reports that can be brought over to Orum at one time.
  • The exact number of reports that can be sent over varies based on the size of the report, amount of leads, columnar data, etc.
  • Orum users may see an error that reads: "Your org has run too many reports. Salesforce won't let us run anymore. Please try again later".
  • Users can try to load reports in Orum at a later time when data calls reduce or can try to delete reports that are no longer in use.

Create a Salesforce Report

First, decide what kind of Report you will use, you can see what Salesforce Reports we officially support

To learn how to build a report, we recommend using Salesforce’s Lightning Experience and following their official guide here.

Ensure that you’ve filtered the Report to only show ‘My leads’. This is the default but always make sure to check.

After, also make sure to pick the appropriate date range you’d like to pull leads from.

Customizing columns and filters

Customizing columns in your Salesforce Report will be essential since Orum will use those columns to display the associated information as Display Fields in the Dialer. 


Recommended Columns

Now, here are some fields we recommend as you first start dialing. Feel free to customize based on your organization and team’s strategies and processes.

  • Name
  • Phone
  • Mobile
  • Email
  • Title
  • Company
  • LinkedIn Profile (optional)
  • LinkedIn Company URL (optional)
  • Notes

Recommended Filters

  • Show me: We recommend setting it to ‘My leads’ or ‘Contact Owner: Me’
    • ‘Contact Owner: Me’ is better for teams where sales reps are assigned leads
  • Create Date: Feel free to add ‘All Time’ or your specific range
  • Title: ex. ‘VP, CEO, Director’
    • We recommend this to streamline your pitch but it’s not mandatory
  • Industry: ex. ‘Technology’
    • We recommend this to streamline your pitch but it’s not mandatory
  • Mobile: ‘equals known’
  • Lead or Contact Status: ‘equals Working’
  • No. Of Employees: ex. ‘greater than 100’
    • We recommend this to streamline your pitch but it’s not mandatory
  • Last Activity: ex. ‘Today’s Date’ or your specific date

Save and run your report

Finally, the last step, save and run the report. Then, check to make sure it has the correct Leads and Fields.

Now, you’ve built a suitable report to load into Orum and start dialing.

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