Create a Call Task Salesforce Report

This guide will allow you to generate a Salesforce Report only for your call tasks to dial inside Orum. This report utilizes the ‘Activities with Contacts’ property that Orum supports.

🚨 Before starting this guide:

You will need to be a Salesforce Admin to complete this guide

You should have completed the guides for automating your lead status and follow up call tasks

You will need basic knowledge of Salesforce’s Report Builder

  1. Go to the ‘Reports’ tab in Salesforce
  2. Select ‘New Report’
  3. Using the search bar or left-side menu, find ‘Activities with Contacts’
  4. Select ‘Start Report’
  5. Under ‘Columns’ in the left-side menu, make sure to select all the columns or fields you and your sales team want to bring over into Orum
  6. Under ‘Filters’ choose:
    • Show Me: ‘My Activities
    • Date: Set to your specific date range
    • Show: We recommend ‘Open Activities’ to avoid calling prospects multiple times
      • Open Activities → This will show you only open-call tasks
      • Completed Activities → This will show only previously completed call tasks
      • Open & Completed Activities → This will show both
    • Show: Tasks (only)
    • **Please note that open call tasks will NOT be completed.
    • We highly recommend also adding new filters for ‘Title’ and ‘Subject’
      • Filtering by ‘Title’ will help you streamline your pitch as you call down a list of a specific target title
      • Filtering by ‘Subject’ will allow you to *idk pull out your call tasks (Important step)
        • Set Operator to ‘equals’ and use the relative value ‘call’

Now, you are ready ‘Save & Run’.

You should see a new report with call tasks that you can now select in Orum and start dialing from.

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