Automating Salesforce Lead Status

Automating Salesforce Lead Status

This automation will automatically change a prospect’s lead status in Salesforce (SFDC) and take those specific prospects off a sales rep’s call lead lists to ensure they don’t call them again.

This is also covered in Salesforce’s own documentation but we’ve provided more details particular to Orum.

🚨 Before starting this guide:
You will need to be a Salesforce Admin to complete this guide
You will need basic knowledge of Salesforce’s Process Builder
You will have to have your Salesforce lead statuses already set up


Create a new flow

  1. In Salesforce, go to the gearwheel icon for ‘Settings’ in the top-right to navigate to ‘Setup’
  2. In the search bar, you can search for ‘Process Builder’
  3. After, choose ‘add New flow’ and choose ‘Continue in Process Builder'
    • You will get a dialog box to try in the new Flow Builder but we recommend sticking with the Process Builder
  4. Give your new flow a unique name and description, for ex:
    • Lead Status Flow
    • When ‘x action’ happens, change the lead status of a prospect

Customize your flow

After you save your new flow, you’ll be routed to the Process Builder.

  1. Add ‘Task’ as the object and choose ‘when a record is created or edited’, then click save
  2. ‘Add Criteria’ and give it a unique name ex. Change Lead Status
  3. For the criteria, choose ‘Conditions are met’ under ‘Criteria for Executing Actions’
  4. Under ‘Set Conditions’ set the field to ‘Call Result’
  5. Add 6 total rows with the ‘Call Result’ field
    1. Ensure it ‘Contains’ the operator (Important step)
    2. Place these 6 values:
      1. Meeting
      2. Answered
      3. Busy
      4. Book
      5. Reach
      6. Objection

🔥 Orum Tip
These are the six values if you and your sales team are using Orum’s out-of-the-box call dispositions. If you are using your own custom call dispositions, you’ll want to configure the values to those custom dispositions.

  1. Under ‘Conditions’ choose: ‘Any of the conditions are met (Or)’ then click save. (Important step)
  2. To add an action, there will be an option for ‘Immediate Actions’ to the right of the Diamond for ‘Change Lead Status’
  3. Choose ‘Update Records’ as the action type and name the action ‘Change Lead Status’
  4. For the record type, choose the bullet that states, ‘Select a record related to the Task’ and type in ‘Name’, choose ‘Name ID (Lead)’.
  5. Under ‘Criteria for Updating Records,’ choose, ‘No criteria—just update the records!’
  6. Then in ‘Set new fields for the records you want to update,’ add:
    1. Field: Status
    2. Type: Picklist
    3. Value: *What makes the most sense based on your current lead statuses (Important step)
  7. Press save

Activate and test your flow

Finally, make sure to activate your flow in the Process Builder

You can test your flow in two ways:

Check through your call activity

  1. To test, go to Orum and select your typical Salesforce report [Link to guide] and start a call
  2. Log one of the calls with your values (Answered, Meeting Book, etc)
  3. Go back to Salesforce, and make sure the call was logged
  4. If the call was logged, check the lead status, and it should have changed to ‘Working’

Check through a specific prospect

  1. Load in a Salesforce Report and make a call to a prospect (similar to the steps above)
  2. In Orum, make sure you take note of the prospect’s name
  3. In Salesforce, go to the Report and search for the prospect’s name
  4. Check to see if the lead status was updated

And there you go, now you’ll have your lead statuses automated and avoid those awkward, “We spoke yesterday,” situations.

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