Configure Orum Settings for Salesforce

Every integration’s settings are a bit different. Here’s how to set up your Salesforce settings inside Orum.

Make sure to reference our setting guides for even more details. 


Configure personal settings

If you are a sales rep and actively making dials, you’ll want to ensure your personal settings are configured to your organization’s Salesforce instance correctly.

  1. Navigate to Personal Settings by clicking on your profile image and selecting ‘Personal Settings’ from the drop-down.
  2. This will then automatically take you to your personal integration settings for Salesforce.



Customize default call disposition

This should be already set by your account admin to the ‘Org Default’.

If no ‘Org Default’ is shown, we recommend adding the default disposition to ‘No Answer’.

As you call down your lists, this will save you precious time so you can focus on changing the call dispositions when you are actually connected to a prospect.



Customize system settings

For Salesforce, in this menu, we are only concerned about the setting for ‘Open Links Automatically’.

We recommend turning the options for CRM and Linkedin on by check-marking the field.

This will ensure that once you are connected with a prospect you can access more information in your CRM and their Linkedin profile without any extra clicks

🚨 The LinkedIn option will only show if ‘LinkedIn URL’ is a column on the Report 




Configure account settings

If you are an admin or manager in your account, you will have access to configure your account settings by clicking on the ‘gearwheel’ icon in the top nav.

We will be focusing on the Integrations Settings which is the first tab in Account Settings.

Customize call dispositions

Orum will equip with you a default list of call dispositions to get you and your sales team started. We also will allow you to set up your own custom call dispositions

If you want to add any custom call dispositions, you can do so by following our guide here


Configure dialing options in Orum’s Dialer

Dialing options can be set in the left-side menu of Orum’s Dialer. You should follow the instructions here but keep in mind Salesforce does allow you to access our Voicemail Sequencer. 


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