Troubleshooting SFDC errors.

Subject: This article serves to help explain some of the errors you may see in Orum from SalesForce. These red errors are typically warnings of errors we are receiving from Salesforce and must be corrected on the Salesforce side. 


Disclaimer: The errors discussed in this article can only be fixed within the customer's SFDC instance. Please note that these approaches are to be considered as suggestions to customer SFDC admin / IT teams only.


Table of Contents

1. Entity is Deleted

2. Your org has run too many reports, so Salesforce won't let us run any more, please try again later.

3. Sorry, an unexpected error occured. Please try again.

4. Task Trigger

5. Invalid Field for insert update





Users may encounter an error message 'Entity is deleted' when they attempt to insert records into the QuoteLineItem object in Salesforce.
This error occurs when at least one record in the import references a deleted record in the organization.


When you insert the records in bulk, the entire batch will be flagged as 'Entity is deleted' making it difficult to determine which record experienced the error. 

Resolve this by finding the actual record that has been deleted.

Set the batch size of Data Loader to 1 

1. Go to Settings
2. Change Batch Size to "1"
3. Click Ok
By setting the batch size to 1, Data Loader will process each record individually. It will fail for the issue record, but continue processing the remaining records with no issue. 

Once the record is identified:
  • Modify the CSV file to reflect a different record. - OR - 
  • Recover the deleted record in the org.



Your org has run too many reports, so Salesforce won't let us run any more. Please try again later. 


This org would need to increase its API limit, or it will need to cut back on the number of reports they are running a day. 

The good news here is that the API Limit can be increased.


Sorry, an unexpected error occurred. Please try again.

When users see this error while trying to save comments, all they need to do is change the order in which they are working. Save the disposition first, and then will be able to save comments/ notes.


Task Trigger 

Error coming back from the Salesforce API that shows "Data changed by trigger for field Campaign Member Status: bad value for restricted picklist field: Bounced".
This is most likely relates to the "Campaign Member Status field" in your SFDC. Due to this "Bounce", the data in Orum becomes stale, which requires list resetting and will not accept disposition saving to take place.
As a workaround, we needed to "RESET" the list for the first time we load it, and that should not happen to that list again.
In our research, the next best step to take is to have the orgs SFDC admin to evaluate and see if they have a "task trigger" for this field that is making the invalid edits.


Invalid Field for insert update

As shown in the error message, the user will need to be sure that their security settings for this field are set to read/write for their profile or permissions set. 


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