Archive/ Unarchive Cadences (Salesloft Specific)

Subject: This article serves to guide SalesLoft integration Orum users in archiving and unarchiving cadences in SalesLoft.


This niche know-how can be particularly useful if you are noticing far more due tasks in Orum than what you see in SalesLoft because legacy "tasks" that show in SalesLoft may not be indicative of actual task counts that are truly "due" and will pull into Orum.

Table of Contents:

1.) Archive Cadence

2.) Unarchive Cadence


Archive Cadence:

-Find the Cadence you would like to archive and select the down arrow to the right of the Cadence Name. This will open the Cadence Page Actions.
-Click the "archive" icon. Archiving a Cadence removes it from your Cadence list view.

***You can still view archived Cadences by selecting "Include Archived" under the filtering option.***


Unarchive Cadence:

-Go to the Cadences page

-Select the Archived Cadences folder on the left

-You will now see a list of cadences that you have archived. Click Unarchive to restore the cadence.

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