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This knowledge article discusses Orum’s click-to-call functionality, how and where you can complete a one-off call, and what happens within your CRM after completing a click-to-call. 


With Click to Call, you can: 

  • Target calling specific prospects from your call list in order to more strategically engage your prospects
  • Call back specific prospects that you have dispositioned to indicate follow up is needed (e.g. ‘Follow-up required or ‘busy - call later’)
  • Return an inbound call that you missed using Orum so that I can easily re-engage my prospect and be able to track the outcome of the call


Table of Contents:

1. Overview of click-to-call

2. Navigating click-to-call

3. Click-to-call behaviors




Overview of click-to-call:


What is Click to call?

Click-to-call enables you to make a strategic call by targeting a specific prospect from the lists you pull into Orum or a prospect you want to follow-up with that you’ve previously dialed in Orum. You can now target specific prospects without having to go into your CRM to one-off dial.




(Click to call is indicated by the phone icon next to a prospect's phone number.)


How is it different from Power or Parallel Dialing?

Click-to-call gives you the ability to make calls one at a time, targeting specific individuals either from a call list or dials you’ve previously made in Orum. The prospect's information is pulled up BEFORE the call is started to allow for strategic prep time. 




Navigating click to call:


Where can I make a click-to-call?

You can make a targeted call from the Dialer Page and from Call History. On either of these pages you can search by name or simply scroll and click on the phone icon.



When can I use Click-to-Call?

You can use click-to-call anytime you see the phone icon next to a prospect. Some of the more common uses are, targeting similar personas/titles from a call list so you can use a similar talk track, calling back specific prospects that you have dispositioned to indicate follow-up is needed (e.g. ‘busy - call later’, or ‘follow-up required’), or easily returning missed incoming calls.  


How do I make a Click-to-call?

When you are on the Dialer or Call History page, simply click on the phone icon next to a prospect's phone number to open the click-to-call modal.

Making a click-to call-either “in browser” vs. via “alternate method”:

  • If you’ve already started a dialing session, whether “in browser” or via “alternate method (aka phone)”, you will be able to use click to call
  • If you have not already started a dialing session, by clicking on the phone icon to initiate a click-to-call, you will automatically be starting an “in browser” dialing session.
  • LinkedIn will also auto-open when the phone icon is clicked
  • A prospect’s alternate phone numbers can be selected from the list with the phone icon next to each phone number

(The click-to-call modal that opens after the phone icon is clicked.)




Dialing options

You can adjust dialing options when initiating a call. 

You can adjust which phone field is dialed first by dragging the phone fields in your box. 


You can select call-from numbers for each targeted call you make

  • Call-from numbers will default to the last number used to call that prospect previously, if available (denoted by an icon next to the number). 
  • If the last number used to call the prospect is unavailable, it will default to the number selected from the list dialing options you’ve already set
  • You can Check Caller ID reputation for the call from number you’ve selected

You can choose to auto-detect and leave/skip VMs

  • Reps cannot pre-record a VM from this screen, but they can listen to and select which pre-recorded VMs they have already created and want to leave if the auto-detect and leave/skip VMs is selected

NOTE: Click-to-call dialing options changed in the modal do NOT impact the broader dialing options selected for the user’s list (dialer panel). These options are intended to allow the user to adjust as they see fit when they want to target a specific prospect. 


You can also access a dial pad in the Click to call modal to navigate dial trees and extensions if/when they come up. 


Note: This dial pad does NOT enable you to dial a phone number. 





Click to call behaviors:

Are Call Tasks required to be “Due” or “Past Due” in my CRM in order to use Click-To-Call?

It Depends. If you are looking to use Click-To-Call directly from Orum’s dialer page, then there will need to be a due or past due call task in the CRM in order for the prospect to appear on the page associated with the list you’ve pulled in.

HOWEVER— If you are trying to use click-to-call from the call history page, no due or past due call task is required in the CRM. Note that we will still log the call to your CRM.


What happens to my call tasks when I complete a Click-to-call?

IMPORTANT NOTE: Call tasks are handled slightly differently when a click-to-call is made from the Call History page.


Dialer Page

No change here. If you make a click-to-call from the Dialer Page, Orum will follow the same rules for call task completion and advancing to the next step of a sequence/cadence as it normally would when power/parallel dialing a list. 


Call History Page

Click to calls made from Call History are handled the same way Orum handles redials


  • For calls that are connected and associated in a sequence/cadence:
    • The prospect will be removed from the sequence/cadence associated with the original call entry. It’s important to note that the sequence/cadence here and in the following bullets refers to the sequence/cadence the call was originally placed from (e.g. the call referred to by the relevant row in call history). If the same prospect is in a different sequence/cadence when the call is placed, tasks associated with that sequence will not be changed


  • For calls that are not connected and are associated in a sequence/cadence:
    • The call will be logged in the CRM and the latest call task will NOT be advanced to the next step of the sequence/cadence 


  • For calls that are part of a one-off due task list:

One-off due call tasks are completed based on the “one-off task completion” setting you’ve set in your personal settings.


  • If you’ve checked the box to complete one-off due tasks only when there is a connect, then in the case that you get a connect when making a click-to-call from Call History, the call task associated to the original call entry will be completed 
  • If you do NOT have the box checked, then in the case that you do NOT get a connect when making a click-to-call from Call History, the task will not be completed. 



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