Removing numbers for prospects.

Subject: This article serves to guide Orum users through adding and removing numbers for prospects. 

While there is a native "Remove" feature in Orum, it is important to note that this only removes the number in Orum, and will have no effect on the prospect or task associated with the prospect in the CRM.


In Orum you can remove a number for a prospect by:

1.) Using disposition automation-

From the admin settings view navigate to the "Integration" tab, and then scroll to dispositions. Click the edit button and then view the drop-down menu showing what automation is available. 




You can then select "remove number" and whenever the disposition edited is selected, this number will be removed, even if the prospect is different.

2.) You can remove a number for a prospect by checking the box to the left of the prospect's name or alternate number, and then clicking the red remove button above the call list. 

Check_box.png.             Remove.png

Once you click remove, a pop-up will appear asking if you would like to remove the prospect, even if at a different number, or if you would like to remove the number, even if the prospect is different.

To remove only the number, select the bottom check box, and then click remove again to save.



For more information on how to edit a prospects information in the CRM please check out the below articles:


***You can edit a prospect's phone number status right in Orum!! Check out this article for more information on how!***


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