Suggested behaviors and practices.

Subject: This article aims to help guide users through our recommended settings and configurations for the best experience with Orum.


Table of Contents:

1.) Internet

2.) Audio

3.) Browser, and Browser Hygiene

4.) Don't forget to restart your computer



If possible, we recommend hardwiring your internet. This alleviates the chance of wifi signal dropping while on a call. Much like cellular signal, wifi signal can fluctuate by the second. If hardwiring is not possible, try to make sure there is as little distance between you and your router as you can, or consider using a wifi extender.

We also recommend testing your internet upload and download speeds to ensure you have a high-speed internet connection.

- 100 Mbps download speed is an absolute minimum to seeing Orum perform as expected in its most basic form (ie power dialing, no automations, etc)

- Recommended speeds are above 300 Mbps down and 20 Mbps up.

- Orum also recommends a minimum of 10 Mbps upload speed as this is needed for stable audio connections.

Possible Side Effects: A bad wifi signal can cause general lag, poor audio quality, and worst case scenario a call to drop. Not having a high-speed internet connection can cause all sorts of undesired Orum behaviors including long connection times to prospects, audio issues, and a general lack of useability.

**NOTE: VPNs, Firewalls, and security apps can have various impacts on Orum's operation.  Please keep this in mind when considering any challenges that you may encounter while using Orum.**



We recommend using a wired headset, specifically the kind that connects via USB ports. While Bluetooth headsets are great, they also are heavily dependent on signal, and battery life, both can change dramatically on calls. 

Once the headset is connected to your computer, check to make sure that the headset is set as both your default input and output audio selection, as this is how your browser determines which speakers and microphone to use. A mismatch setting here can create audio challenges, so be sure they match. 

Possible Side Effects: Bluetooth headsets can show as paired to multiple devices (cell phones, computers, TVs, etc) which can cause use-permission conflicts.  We have also seen laggy or delayed conversations with prospects resulting from the use of  Bluetooth equipment.


Browser, Browser 'Hygiene', Software Interactions-

We recommend Chrome as the preferred browser to use with Orum. 

- Use a fresh browser every day.

Leaving your browser open, means all those tabs are running in the background constantly, which in turn will slow down your system.
This also helps to make sure that whatever browser you are using, is getting updated to the most recent release.

- Tab management.

Once done with a tab, close it. When you have a ton of tabs open, it’s hard to know if you have a site open multiple times, which can cause all kinds of symptoms.

Did you know that if you repurpose tabs, it can cause issues with “auto-open / redirect” functions?
Bookmark things you use throughout the day for easy access, but close them when not in use.

- Know your extensions

What they do. If you don’t use them, remove them.  From within Chrome, this can be easily viewed and managed using this link: chrome://extensions/

- As a good maintenance practice, at the end of your work week, clear the cache!
This one is extremely important for security reasons, and to make sure there is always room for new data to come through.

- Software Interactions:

We have noticed that there are a few applications that can possibly interrupt Orum's normal operation.  Apps such as MS Teams, Zoom, as well as others rely upon some of the same system resources that Orum does.  In some cases, there is competition between these applications for system resources such as your headset, microphone, or even processing power and internet connectivity. 

**In order to help ensure you do not lose a potential "at bat" with a prospect, we recommend trying to completely close out of competing applications while making dials in Orum so all system and internet resources can be brought to bear on connecting with prospects!**


Don't forget to restart & update your computer and browser!

At a minimum, you should be completely shutting down your computer at the end of your work week, but at the end of your work day is the best practice, and will make your machine last much longer.  Please also be mindful of keeping your computer and browser updated to the most current version. These also have a direct impact on Orum's stability and performance!




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