Canceled Calls

What are cancelled calls?

Canceled calls are any call Orum was in the middle of navigating, but dropped the line due to either:
A.) Bridging the sales rep into another call
B.) The sales rep pausing the calls mid dial.
C.) The sales rep hung up


(Canceled Calls do not count toward total dials completed in analytics, but are still viewable in Call History)


During parallel dialing

In parallel dialing, once someone picks up and we connect you, Orum will cancel the other calls. For example, if you’re calling 3 people at once and we connect you, that would result in 2 canceled calls. These canceled calls will show up at the bottom of your list and our system will pause dialing when reaching these prospects. You will hear an automated voice suggesting you change your “call from number”. When redialing cancelled calls, the best practice is to change your phone number from the “Call from” feature and lower the parallel threshold down to 2-3 which reduces the chances of canceling on people more than once. If you only have a small amount to call back, reps will often switch to Power-dialing to complete those calls as a best practice.

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