API Limit Reached

Subject: This article serves to help users troubleshoot errors related to their org's API Limited being Reached.


Salesloft's API limit is typically 600 by default. This limit is shared by all systems making calls on Salesloft's API. 

There are two ways to resolve this. We recommend doing both.
1) Request an increase to the API call limit. Salesloft will typically double your limit upon request without much contest.
2) Identify which system(s) is making the most calls and adjust the frequency at which the system calls on Salesloft's API.

Wording for ticket with Salesloft:

"Ticket Request:
Salesloft Support, we believe we may be hitting our API call limit which is causing challenges with our other applications. I would like to request an increase to our API limit and a breakdown of our current API usage by application making the calls."

***We've helped several other customers who have encountered similar challenges navigate a solution with Salesloft and are happy to help users navigate this situation. Please reach out to your CSM, or AE for help creating a ticket with Salesloft. ***

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