How to Create A One Off Task- Salesloft

Subject: This article serves to guide a user through creating a one-off task within Salesloft. This is also helpful if you wish to call a specific prospect outside of a cadence. 


In Salesloft, open the Create Tasks module from one of the following locations:
-The Plus sign (+) in the upper right corner of the Actions Dashboard Tasks Panel
-Person Quick Actions


Add a Subject for the tasks. The Subject can be anything the user would like to help them remember details about this task, up to 255 characters.

Choose from a Tasks Type

***Orum only pulls "Call" tasks.***

Add the Related Person. The Related Person is the Person in Salesloft linked to this scheduled action.  If you create the task from the Person Profile page, the Related Person field will populate with that Person's name.

Enter a Due Date. The due date is the date you would like to complete this action. You have the option to add a time to the Due Date.

***Orum will only pull DUE or PAST DUE Call Tasks***

Click Set Task Reminder to add a specific time to complete the Tasks. Adding a time

will surface a Chrome notification at the time the tasks is due to be completed. This is useful for any action that is time sensitive like a scheduled call. Click Set Task Reminder. The Reminder Time (15 Minutes) text box will appear. Enter a time of day or use the up-down arrows to adjust the time.

If you change your mind and don't wish to set a reminder time, click the minus icon to the right of the Reminder text box to cancel.

Select the Assignee.

***Task must be assigned to YOU to pull the task in Orum***

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