How to create a One Off Call Task in Outreach

Subject: How to create a one-off call task in Outreach.

**Note: One-off tasks are separate from other sequence activities. These can be especially useful if you are trying to call a specific prospect.**


  1. Access the Outreach Platform
  2. Click the actions button in the top right corner. 360-View-Outreach__1_.png
  3. From the quick Actions menu, select task. 
    Note: Alternatively, Users have the ability to add tasks to a specific Prospect or Account by accessing the applicable Profile page and clicking the New Task icon (to-do list). 


  4. Set task type to "Call" and be sure to complete the other fields, including the prospect(s) you intend to call. Click CREATE and the task will execute as configured when due. 


If you are trying to call a specific prospect and have many one-off tasks, be sure to apply tags or different priority levels, to help ensure that you can filter down to the prospect you wish to call!

***Important to remember that Orum will only pull a call task if it is Due/ Past Due and Assigned to you!***

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